15 September 2008

None of my greens have ever had collars.

According to my finds at Plum Market today, it's officially fall! And I think I've come to terms with that. I love summer, but I always feel more relaxed come fall. And comfy in my hoodie. Anyway, I bought my first official pumpkins of the year -- local from Michigan, too, so it's really official. I've been craving Rachael Ray's sausage and pumpkin pasta, and I plan on making it tomorrow, but I'm not yet ready to dig into real pumpkin yet. I'll save these guys for something special in a week or too. Time to start stockpiling pumpkins because once they're gone, they're really gone. For a whole year. Sigh.

Other fall finds? Apple cider, also made locally. Funny thing, I will NOT drink apple juice (yuck! ew!), but I love cider (and hard cider is my favorite boozy boozy drink). I had a little glass with dinner, and it was lovely. I also bought a second pint of Guernsey lemonade (I try to buy Guernsey as often as possible, since it's right down the street -- always their milk, cream, etc), which was originally a risk (lemonade KILLS me), but it was delicious and not nearly as tart and sweet as most other lemonades. Obviously, my guts behaved, as I went back for seconds!

I also totally bought kale on accident. I mean, I bought it on purpose, but I bought it thinking, "Hey! That's in season and local, and I just saw that recipe in the new Clean Eating [my newest find!] for kale and squash." I get home... it's watercress and squash. D'oh! Luckily, I had my beautiful, shiny, new copy of Vegetable Love (eternal thanks, Lisa S.!), and I opened it up to kale and figured it all out. I've had regular collard greens, but I've never had kale, and I've definitely never made it. I followed the recipe for braising, and it was easy peasy.

You tear the leaves off the stem, which I never would have thought to do (so good thing I looked), then give 'em a rinse.

Heat up some olive oil in a deep pot, then throw half in to wilt. Then add the other half to wilt. I added about half a cup of veggie broth, some salt and pepper, and a few red pepper flakes. Once it boils, put on low, and simmer with lid for about 10 minutes. Once it's cooking, it turns a beautiful bright green.

This was a super easy recipe, and I was pleasantly surprised with how kale tastes. It is far less bitter (I think bitter is the adjective I'm remembering) than collard greens, although similar in texture. I'll definitely be making this again.

PS. Just a fun piece of evidence from the tornado that is Heidi... running around the house, eating everything in sight. I actually have to send this into HR for a reimbursement. How embarrassing.


queen b said...

Mmm...kale. Come cook for me, Stephanie!

Sara said...

I've made kale with garlic (but you can't have that) and dried cranberries. The tart sweetness was really good as a contrast to the kale. Yum. Wanna make it again.

Nice bill! I've been there...taking a draft of a report into work all chewed, crumpled and dirt covered.