13 September 2008

Hot tamale baby.

So, to celebrate my return to the treadmill (go me! and thanks, Tales From the Crypt, for keeping me company), I decided to bust out my to-go tamale. Now, I know she don't look like much -- I had to smoosh her a bit so she didn't explode in the microwave -- but OMG. Seriously. Heaven. At Pilar's suggestion, I topped it with a little (local, Eastern Market) honey (they'd used heavy cream and cheese at the booth). Mmm. It was delicious. Again, here's hoping Brad hates his! :)

PS. Heidi enjoyed the tin foil and wax paper it was wrapped in. Good job gettin' in the trash, dummy!

PSS. For pics of the event, go check out Lisa's blog! :)


Lady Lisa said...

dude, you got on the treadmill!? GO you! Tamales and wet weather are an inspiration to you. Discuss.

queen b said...

mmm...tamales...want some...