13 September 2008

Rain rain go away.

Just a quick post before I forget all my yummies because I was too afraid to take out my new new camera to the first annual Ann Arbor homegrown festival. Of course, it's the rainiest day we've had in months... and not just drip drip, it's actual downpour. And it's been a downpour since early hours of the morning. Anyway, despite the rain, Lisa Z. and I headed out -- pass up food? Heck no!

Held outside in the Community High parking lot, it was a rainy muddy mess, but the vendors all seemed in good spirits, traffic was steady, and the band was playing Cure and Beatles covers. Two dollars a ticket, and most items were 1 to 2 tickets -- and even though advertised as tasting menus, the servings were full servings. So overall a pretty good deal. And the actual chefs came out... Admittedly I was a little starstruck. "Hey, is that EVE of Eve?" Pretty sure we chatted with Pilar's chef, and I actually said this to the Vinology chef: "I hope this isn't too crazy, but I love you."

Eve's Bulgar, Zingerman's potato leek soup, Carson's peach smoothie, Silvio's organic pizza... probably 10 booths, each boasting one to three different items to choose from. My most favorite of favoritest... Pilar's. Mmm. I used to get takeout from Pilar's when there was an actual cafe, but it's been a few years. And I'd really only tried one item, the jalapeno and cheese tamale. I went to the booth and ordered the chicken tamale, but the lovely woman helping the chef out said... can I convince you to try our sweet corn tamale? Well, sure thing! Pilar's only makes it once a year, and they makes it homemade from fresh corn kernels off the cob (that's dedication, my friends). It was pure. Heaven. OMG. I bought two more to bring home. I secretly hope Brad doesn't like its so I can eat his.

Now... time to go change out of these wet clothes! Stupid rain.

PS. We also totally got free reusable grocery bags from Plum, as well as 10% off coupons. Sweet. I like free stuff.


Alison said...

Brad's done numerous video shoots with Brandon Johns and says he's a really, really cool guy.

Stephanie said...

Oh la la! Lucky Brad! :) (...he did take my random profession of love quite well!)