01 September 2008

Rest in pieces.

Breaking news alert: My camera is dead. Funny, I thought it was dead this same time last year, and lo and behold it was resurrected. Alas, I think it's lived its nine lives. You've been good to me, little Cybershot, and you've survived more than your fair share of falls, drops, and ocean splashes. To admit how glad I am that my camera broke would be irresponsible... can't just go throwing money around like that. BUT... now I get to buy a new camera!! Did a little research this morning, and I think I'll order this one:

Now on to more delicious tales!

Friday, Brad and I started our weekend with an afternoon at the zoo (note: zoo food = not delicious). First we visited with some old friends:

Just chillin.

Anteaters are weird.

I see you are ugly. I am ugly, too.

Creepy sloth claws.

Finally, Brad's beloved polar bear.

Then, we ate some delicious non-zoo food. I love an excuse to grab a meal in Royal Oak. Mmm Memphis Smoke. Not only is AA sorely lacking in the southern food category, where is OUR rooftop bar? I can only imagine a place like this would be the biggest hit downtown. Someone should get on that.

Love me some pulled meat. he he he

Next up, a return to the Saturday farmer's market. I haven't been more than once, if that, since mine and Lisa Z's inaugural visit much much earlier this spring. I'll pretend it wasn't crazy busy and I didn't want to kick everyone in the shins and just go with... it was awesome. I'd forgotten how amazing the options are this time of year and I seriously ran out of room, arms, and strength before I could get everything I really wanted.

Note: I am officially over farmer's market corn. I don't care how silly it is, I will NOT just cut off the wormy parts and eat the rest. No. Effing. Way. Six ears of corn, six wormy ears of corn. Wormy corn makes Stephanie a very antsy and screeching cook. Especially when worms fall on her counter. Eeeeeeeeee!

Between an awesome morning at the farmer's market (and a delish brunch with Birgy Birg mmmm) and a trip to the almost-as-bountiful Plum Market, I have a full fridge. And there is nothing I love more than a full fridge. I am a nerd.

Mini alert for Lisa Z. (had to take these with my cell phone... I better hurry up and order that new camera before there are too many more photos that need to be taken!!!):

Mini mini cherry tomatoes.

Mini grapes. Cuuuute!

All this shopping led up to my first full family bbq, well, probably ever. Mom, Larry, Jordan... and my dad! It was such a nice time, my dad loved it, and we always love the chance to chase Jordan around (even if I do get conned into changing diapers. Lame.). I really wish we could do this more often. And, the big news -- the dogs and Jordan did GREAT. No jumping, no chasing, and when either of them would bark, Jordan would just laugh his head off. "Heidi's talking!" It was such a relief, and now I'll feel much more comfortable inviting everyone over more often, and maybe my mom will even let us babysit Jordan one of these days.


It's funny how much my mom and I think alike. Now, I love a good dinner party, so I'm not going to skimp. So odds are, I've got everything we could possibly ever need, and more. Mom and Larry left on the early side, so they decided to pop in and try my Plum (they like!). Mom showed up with a pie (I'd already bought a key lime pie) and a Michigan salad (I'd bought the exact same one), and was apologizing for not remembering to bring watermelon (I had two). Cute. :) Needless to say, we had quite a feast (and I eyed my dad taking seconds, then thirds of potato salad! We WILL fatten him up!). Italian chicken, salad and bread, grilled zucchini, peppers, onions, and mushrooms.... Dare I say... yum-o?!

Tonight, time for more chicken with leftover veggies and tomatillo salsa with my first market tomatillos of the year. Definitely time to get back on the cookin' wagon (and mad props to Birgy B for finding her inner Julia C and even braving mussels!).


Alison said...

Smoke House Blues (BBQ joint) is surprisingly awesome, but little-known. It's on Washtenaw maybe a mile or two east of 23. You should definitely try it sometime!

Lady Lisa said...

Like Allison, I was going to recommend Smokehouse. Been meaning to check it out myself, but was waiting for the weather to turn a bit cooler for BBQ. Also, mini grapes!? WTF! Where do I find such awesomeness??

Lady Lisa said...

oooops, sorry Alison!

Stephanie said...

Yeah, I went to smoke house blues a million years ago and definitely have been meaning to go back!

Matt said...

Hon, I LOVE your fridge. Mine currently contains: an old, half-used jaar of jam; three cheese slices; a half-bag of what once was probably salad; a claw hammer (you never know...).

What a delight to see a proper fridge. *sigh*

Rock on missy!