01 December 2007

I saw mommy kissing santa paws.

What a fun afternoon! From 1:30 to 4 pm, I was at PetSmart doing Santa Paws with the Humane Society (aka, get your pet's picture taken with Santa!). By the luck of the draw, I was the printer -- I would have loved to take the pics, but alas, it was not meant to be. I did take a few, though, to give the photo guy a break. Anyway, I still got to see all the cutie pooches (and a few kitties!) and smoosh 'em and give 'em love. One sweet yellow lab even gave me love via a big wet smooch on the nose. I saw Bella, a eight-week old Chihuahua/shitzu mix, who looked just like a tiny little ewok. Two old lady pugs -- one in a pink xmas sweater, the other in a reindeer costume... They were so soft and fat and snugly! One couple had these two little dogs, and one was afraid of Santa -- but it was perfectly content to sit on the man's shoulders for the photo. I ran into Tucker, the funny little papillion from puppy class (he's still tiny!), and a family I babysat for (you read that right, me, babysit) in college... It makes me so happy to see so many loving families that just love their pet to death... Which is as it should be! I will definitely be signing up for this again next year :)

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