09 December 2007

I love bobsledding!

As I write this, our little stripper pooch Diamond is laying on the couch with her head across my lap. Luckily for her, she's small enough that I can mostly type over her. Heidi can't pull this move off anymore.

Diamond has been doing so well. She sleeps through the whole night, doesn't bark or whine in her cage (we think her and Heidi stay up all night plotting the next day's mischief), picks up commands quickly, and is walking so much better. And she's down to just one accident a day if any. Her cough is getting much better, but not before she blew a snot rocket on the carpet and licked it up. That's our classy lady! No calls this weekend, so keep your fingers crossed that someone shows some interest in our new little puppy.

A funny coincidence -- we were all in the laundry room on December 6, and Diamond was standing next to the growth chart we did of Heidi her first year. We'd happened to measure her on December 6, 2006. On December 6, 2007, Diamond was the exact same height Heidi was last year. No wonder they like to cuddle: they have a special little bond. :)

Other than poochiness, it was a lovely weekend and I got to smoosh most of my favorite ladies. Friday night Brad and I kickstarted our Christmas shopping, then Saturday afternoon we helped Jason and Krissy celebrate Bava's first birthday -- great monkey party, great monkey company, as always. Best wishes throughout the year, Bava Joy! Saturday afternoon Meg was in town (yippie!), and we met up with Birgit to see Lars and the Real Girl (go see it, trust me). Next up, Rachel and Don paid us a visit and more smooooshing ensued. Finally, we topped off the evening, joining Birgit for a scrumptious Prickly Pear dinner. Today Meg and I went on a rampage and I'm pretty sure bought half of the city. Christmas shopping officially at least half way done.

Now I must rave about breakfast. Meg and I decided to finally try the much raved about brunch at Aut Bar. We both loved it. It was busy, so we ate at the bar -- it was a real old-time diner experience. We got some coffee (me, too!) and ordered up a frittata (Meg) and some corned beef hash (me). My breakfast was so delish, and the two eggs on top didn't even rip my guts apart. It was a yummy, friendly, and cozy way to start the day. I can't wait to go back, and I suggest you do the same.
Hey! Did somebody say food?

We've been eating out a lot lately -- kinda stuck in the mode from vacation. But last week I got fed up and whipped up some butternut squash soup. Basically five cups of stock, some cream, a squash, about 1/2 cup of leftover pumpkin I had, diced red peppers, and some nutmeg. I like to just cook and smash the squash, leaving some texture to the sauce, even though the recipes always say to puree it. Anyway, I was happy to be cooking, and my belly was happy to eat such yummy soup. I've also been trying to cut out pop (yes, again), and I did good! I went two weeks without any soda, but I did celebrate the weekend with a glass of coke on Friday and a mountain dew at the movie that night. But anyway, I hate drinking water, so I'm always on the lookout for something with a little taste to throw in the mix. I love orange juice, but I have a really hard time with it. I assumed it was the acid, but even the low acid oj was trouble. Last week I picked up some Light 'n Healthy oj, and it was a miracle. No gut rot. AND it tasted 10 times better than normal oj (and, you know, it's low-cal). Try it out!

Ok, that's enough out of me. I've got Funniest Home Videos to be watching and a new Simple Scrapbooks magazine to be reading.

Thanks for visiting us, auntie Meggie!

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