31 December 2007

I like to drink and fight!

Brad and I just got back from a great weekend in Chicago, filled with good friends, good food, and maybe a few drinks. Friday night we met up with Mike, who moved to town a few months ago. He lives in a high-rise condo with floor to ceiling windows that made me more than a little seasick. But it was amazing. This, my friends, is the way to live!
After basking in the view for a while, we headed down the street a bit for an amazing sushi dinner at Japonais. It was very similar to Blowfish in Toronto, all hip and trendy like, but way bigger. And the saketinis weren't as strong. But I could totally eat there every day. So good. We sampled and shared a little bit of everything. My favorite was the tuna tuna salmon roll. Mmmm. Mike and Brad enjoyed The Rock, tiny sliced steak that they cooked themselves on a hot rock. Fresh crab, requisite California rolls, and did I mention the berry sake martini? Turns out there's one in Vegas, too, so I hope to make a stop there when we travel there for our trade show in April!

Saturday morning, we decided to go to Pizzeria Due. We ate here on our last visit, but we waited at least an hour for a table. When we walked by it Saturday, it had just opened and it was virtually empty. Score!!! If you haven't eaten a deep dish pizza here or at Uno's, wow, you are missing out. Get on it! But go when they first open -- ha ha! By the time we left, an hour after it opened, there was probably at least an hour wait. I could go for a big meal of sushi and pizza right now, actually. I'm making myself hungry!

Saturday evening was the big event, the reason for our trip to Chicago: my boss' wedding! Brad and I joined up with Little Chris and Sarah at our hotel, then took a quick cab ride up to the church for the ceremony. Afterward, the reception was one of the classiest and lovely receptions I've been to, held at Salvatore's in Lincoln Park. Just beautiful. And fun! Great party, bossman!

Congrats to the Happy Couple!!!!

Before dinner, we sipped wine and ate yum yum yummy hors d'ourves. I could eat a whole meal of the smoked salmon with a dollop (a dollop...) of cream cheese on thin, crisp potato pancakes. Even the cake was delish. Did I mention the full bar? Let's just say by the end of the night, Brad and LC were doing the Irish jig, and Sarah and I were dosey-do-ing perfect strangers. Some old guy was taking photos of us -- hope those resurface someday.......

Good times, guys, good times.

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