27 December 2007

Meat pie, anyone?

I just returned from seeing Sweeny Todd with my sister-in-law, and I must say, two thumbs up! And even though the blogworld seems to deny it, I swear that was Michael Palin getting his throat slashed in the barber's chair! The blogworld did confirm my sighting of Giles (from Buffy), though; what seems to have been an anticipated role in the Buffy universe was simply a quick flash on the screen, unfortunately. Johnny Depp was amazing as always, and I shall contemplate ordering the soundtrack over the next few days. It's no Rent, but I think I may enjoy it nonetheless.

Taking nothing away from the movie, I did spend much of it marveling at the lovlieness of my new sweater ($16 at Kohl's!) -- I can't find a link online, but trust me, it is heavenly. My new obsession is what I call my work sweaters. Big fuzzy cardigans that keep me warm in the morning and evening but are easily shed to a bottom layer when I take Heidi out or get overheated from all my hard work. My mother-in-law and I hit the post-Xmas sale at Kohl's yesterday, and I'm the proud owner of two new work sweaters. Current said sweater is pink and gray and all sorts of cozy. Highly recommended.

While we enjoyed a lovely seafood dinner last night at Mac's (thanks, Marc and Mel! [the tartar sauce alone is to die for]), no new food news to note. Although I just remembered that there was a feature in the new Observer about locavorism! Which also reminds me: Happy 10th Anniversary to Conor's -- you've treated me well (and thanks for my first hangover)! Now I'm babbling. My point was, no food news to report, so I shall report on my movie- and book-filled vacation.

I love vacation. I've dreaded going back to work since vacation started (no worries, Chris, I still love my job!). When else can you sleep in until 10 every day, stay in your PJs all day (ok, I can do that every day), go see a movie when you feel like it, read two books at once and actually made headway, and catch up on your DVDs? First up was 28 Weeks Later, which moms got me for Xmas. Bob fell asleep about 10 minutes in, but Lynn actually made it through the whole thing. She complained the whole time, but I know she secretly loved it. Brad got me the original Fog, which I've been moaning and groaning about trying to find for months. Today I watched that, as well as the special features (yeah!). Then I popped in The Girl Next Door, which Jason loaned me, and it was as brutal and disturbing as I had expected; don't know that I'd "recommend" it, but it's certainly something... Worth seeing (if for no other reason than Ginny from Sixteen Candles is the head meanie!). Jason also was nice enough to give me my own copy of I Am Legend for Xmas, and I'm already halfway through. So different than the movie, so different. But so far I'm still liking them both. Still laboring through Middlesex, which is good but is taking me a while to get through (lots o' pages). Oh, and I still am "dealing" with having seen PS I Love You. One of those movies that sticks with you and you can't get out of your brain.... It's like being in eighth grade again and watching Life Goes On and crying along with Becca while Jesse died... Ugh! So traumatizing. I need soothing. I shall now cuddle up on the couch in my work sweater with Heidi.

Off to Chicago for the bossman's wedding tomorrow!


Sara said...

I was just asking what P.S. I Love You was about yesterday when we drove by the movie theater (I'm hopelessly out of touch with what's showing). I will avoid it. That Life Goes On episode does stick with you. haha.

Rachel said...

And what was with those repeated, confusing clock shots in that final episode? Like, is that when he died? Oh Little Lowe, you perplex me so!

And I predict a good food year for you based on the gobbledygook I have to type to get this posted. It contains the word Deli! :D

Alison said...

I read the Observer article and immediately thought of you!