06 December 2007

Diamonds are a Heidi's best friend.

We have another foster! I was disappointed because we were too slow to respond to fostering a black lab yesterday afternoon, but then we got another foster message in the evening and we jumped on it. This morning I picked up Diamond, a five-month-old American Rotweiller. She's 40 pounds, playful, and full of kisses (she's licked my face clean at least three times over now). Her and Heidi were fast friends, and hopefully Brad and I can do a good job teaching her some basic manners and commands. She knows her name and sit already, and we practiced stay and she did ok. In the meantime, she IS up for adoption, hint hint hint!
I'm ready to go home!

I love it here already!

I see you like carrots. I like carrots, too.

We would NEVER cause trouble.

PS. Tonight I'll be wrapping gifts at Border's with the Humane Society. Stop by if you're out and about!

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Sara said...

What a cutie!

You're a regular caninatarian. Not like a vegetarian, but like a humanitarian. Just with dogs. :)