06 January 2008

The babysitters club.

Happy 2008, everyone! Hope the year has been good to you so far! Although 2008 meant a return to work (sleeping in + watching tv is so much more fun), it also meant I got to hang out with Matt and Sara (woohoo!) and even go snowshoeing with them. While good fun, I don't think my clown feet and duck walk are coordinated enough to manuever long walks in the snow.

The first weekend in 2008 also brought a babysitting night with Jordan, as my mom redeemed her first Xmas coupon to go see a movie with Larry. No joke, it was the first time I've ever been totally alone with a baby. And guess what? I didn't break him! I even changed his diaper twice. We had fun playing with trains, watching Ice Age, and I even showed him how to use my camera. He's already taking after his Aunt Stephanie. Such talent!

Q1 FY 08 Goals:

  1. Starting losing some of the "healthy gut weight" I've put on. Cut back on cheese, quit the stuff (pop). Exercise more. With two treadmills, a weight bench, and an exercise bike, I really don't have an excuse, do I?
  2. Join book club (first meeting next week!).
  3. Scrap more. I just bought some organization bins yesterday and cleaned my space up. Much more enticing now.
  4. Get lots o' people to attend Roe event and Get Down for Choice. Spreadin' the word!

1 comment:

Sara said...

Those snowshoes were huge! Trying again with a small size would help a ton. Don't give up. haha!

So jealous of you and the mozzarella class.