15 January 2008


We're just two days away from our first RoeVolution event -- I hope everyone that can come has signed up and scheduled the event on their calendars. As of Monday we only had 28 registrants; we need 52 to cover costs, and we really want 100. So if you know anyone that might be interested, spread the word!

Just a few random notes from the past couple days. Heidi got a new toy. I love watching her go nuts. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sSbHSzBcuUM

I used our wedding wok the other night for the first time in months and months -- I always forget we have it, and it's an awesome wok. I threw together some quick stir fry, and it was yummy, of course. I love that you can even see the steam in the picture. I never bother with fancy recipes for stir fry -- just throw my veggies in, maybe some shrimp, and a few splashes of veggie broth and soy sauce. But light on the soy sauce -- I actually can't stand food that actually tastes Asian. So I make some pretty plain stir fry, but when you've got yummy veggies and rice, what more do you need, right?

I also finally used the pizza stone my mom got me for Xmas -- I was so excited! Brad and I are obsessed with homemade pizza now, and I even found a really good frozen dough at Fresh Seasons (even better than the Trader's Joe dough). It didn't come with instructions, so I just used it the most logical way. Built the pizza, put it in the oven. I found out afterwards you're supposed to heat the stone first, then put the fully put-together pizza on it to go in the oven. Oops. Oh well... It didn't cook quite right in the middle, and it stuck in some spots, but it still tasted super yummy! And we ate the whole thing, of course.

Sunday I got motivated to jazz up my craft space and I made a quick trip out to Home Goods. I found a very reasonably priced, gigantic rug, so now my toes won't freeze while I sit at my desk. I also picked up a little doggie bed so Heidi has somewhere comfy to rest while we craft and/or exercise downstairs. AND... I scrapped page 2 of my family album! Wahoo!

A quick shoutout to fellow blogger and PPLY member Alison -- Happy Birthday (Wed)! And thanks for letting me pawn creepy red-head dude on you! :)

And last but certainly not least... A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my most favoritest twins in the entire universe. Meg & Liz, hope you party down, wherever you might be today (Wed). XOXO!

PS. I wish Mike Huckabee would stop calling our house.

PSS. I can't WAIT for American Idol tonight.

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Sara said...

Huckabee calling...haha. Cute page!