21 January 2008

We all float down here.

I've been meaning to write for days now... but I'm enjoying this lovely two-week throbbing headache, so I just haven't wanted to look at the computer screen for any longer than absolutely necessary. This is how I feel:

Now that we are past the apologies, it's time to get down to the real business: a recap of our RoeVolution event last Thursday.

While I don't know how totally successful we were in our underlying goal--getting fresh faces to the event and interested in the cause--I think we were all super pleased with the outcome and everyone had a great time. I love our little group, and it's growing all the time. Kate, my old assistant from SRCD, is going to join. She'll bring a fresh, young perspective to our efforts, and I'm excited to have her join the crew. So anyway, we all got there about an early and littered my new favorite bar with PP stuff. If you haven't been, Circus is the top-most bar of Cavern Club, and it's super cool and not creepy at all. Well, other than the creepy clown.

Lions Practice Safe Sex, Too

Palio provided the food (props to them for offering it up at 50% off!!), and we provided two drink tickets with each ticket. The first hour so, everyone hung out, mingled, spread the word. Then the entertainment kicked in. Leah Bonnema flew in from NYC to deliver some of the most amusing jokes about balls I've ever heard. She was a riot and just crazy enough to bring out the goofy in some of our older supporters without totally scaring them.

Ball glitter!

Mmm olives and cheese.

People laughed throughout her set, and she performed for a full 45 minutes. Afterwards, our fearless leader, John, gave a great little talk -- how awesome is he? Awesome, and inspiring, as always.

The last little bit of the evening was spent enjoying the company of like-minded folks. Again, a success, and a good time was had by all.

Especially me and Rachel.

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Sara said...

I love that you do this! And you found a volunteer opportunity that involves planning parties. Bonus!

Boo to headaches though.