30 November 2007

Shaky legs.

So I've had restless leg syndrome since middle school. I have such vivid memories of sitting on my dad's couch, watching movies, and squishing my feet underneath his brass and glass coffee table (classy!). I had no idea what it was, so I didn't give it much thought for many many years, just sucked it up and spent most evenings in agony. Luckily for me, it's never really affected my sleep, so that's been good for sure. Post-college, RLS started getting identified, and low and behold, my doctor finally gave me a name for what I have. She prescribed quinine for me (an anti-malarial and anti-seizure pill), and it worked like a charm. BUT turns out I'm allergic to quinine and thus followed what I refer to as my bout with malaria. So back it went to twiching, fidgeting, and begging Brad to squeeze my ankles. Oddly enough, it's been my experience that my legs are somehow tied to my guts because since I've been medicated and feeling better, my legs aren't as much of a problem. Anyway, long story short, my legs have been bothering me pretty bad these past few weeks, so I've had them on my mind. Last night I was flipping through the Brookstone catalog, and I found the most amazing invention ever. Seriously. Ladies and gentleman, meet the iSqueeze:

Brad would never have to squeeze my ankles again, or sit on my feet, or move to another couch because I'm twitching too much. I can't even imagine. Why oh why do you have to be $400 iSqueeze? Sigh. Think Brad's insurance will cover it? :)

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Alison said...

I actually think I had that for awhile in college. I had never heard of RLS, and I literally thought I had a seizure disorder. It seemed to go away eventually, though.