01 November 2007


What a lovely Halloween! I was in a foul mood most of the day, my favorite holiday dampered by the appearance of a NEW rash... This time in the form of hives all over my body. I've never had hives, ever, and seeing as how I had a different rash just a week ago, I made a quick trip to the doctor to get some meds. Why is my body so angry with me right now?! Sheesh! Anyway, by the time 5 o'clock rolled around, and I got a chance to carve my pumpkin, I felt much better. I was in the spirit.

I don't know that I can really express how I felt last night without sounding like a tool and/or not doing it justice. Nothing exciting happened. We handed out candy (and ran out), normal stuff. But our neighborhood was just a-buzz. It's all youngins, so no high school kids showing up in a sweatshirt pretending it's a costume, ungrateful for their candy. Everyone was so cute and sweet, and polite. We were actually sad when we ran out of candy. We decided to take the dogs for a walk so we could check everything out, and who knew our neighborhood was so into Halloween? Decorations everywhere, everyone out... Families joining neighbors, everyone enjoying themselves (even throwing back a few beers as they walked -- Mardi Gras for the parental set). It was just such a great atmosphere, and it made me so happy to see everyone enjoying my favorite holiday. It gave me a newfound appreciation for our little neighborhood, and it still makes me happy that we can walk down the street and be greeted by name. (Especially when they give me kit kats!)

It also definitely inspired me to kick my yard decorations up a notch next year, too. I already can't wait!

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