04 November 2007

So you think Nicky can dance?

Good news! Nicky got adopted! After a lot of back and forth with the Humane Society last week, I was beginning to lose a little faith in them -- not the good they do, but sheesh! It's a disaster over there. The train of communication borders ridiculous, and I was progessively irritated with them throughout the week. Regardless, Brad and I dropped Nicky off Saturday morning (and I got to give Brad his first tour). I checked in this morning with one of the managers, and "Oneida" (the woman who was "chomping at the bit" for Nicky) adopted him yesterday afternoon. Sigh of relief. I hope he loves his new family, and they smother him with love in return. The only downside is that Heidi is a) beside herself (she ran all over looking for him yesterday) and b) back to her sneakiness (e.g., getting in the garbage, stealing remotes). Overall, it was a fantastic experience, and we're looking forward to our next fostering opportunity.

Before he left, though, Nicky tried to teach Heidi some manners... She ran underneath the bed with my glasses case. Up to this point, that was her safe spot -- he wouldn't follow her under there. But what did he do? Ran under, grabbed my glasses, and brought them to me!

What a pair those two made.
While we're talking about dogs, today was puppy day for me at the hs. The first dog I walked wasn't a puppy, rather, an old scraggly looking dog. The sweet thing? He's been adopted. It's always nice to see proof that every dog has its perfect match somewhere out there. After walking Aspen, it was on to Harriet, a four-month-old pitt mix, then the sweetest four-month-old black lab. Then two more pitt mix puppies from kennel two (where the strays await getting checked in). Phew! They were too funny, all cute and spazzy but sweet in their own ways. While not yet interested in catch, all already know sit, and I even got the lab to do "down."

Backtracking to Saturday night, Birgit and I went to see the So You Think You Can Dance tour (shut it!). It was. Totally. Awesome. Minus the ONE person in the entire place going nuts, who, of course, was sitting right next to Birgit. Anyway, it was a great time, and we loved re-living all our favorite dances from the third season. Oh, and oogling over Neil. We weren't alone, though. Everytime he came on stage, the entire audience screamed. Side note, the audience was not entirely under the age of 20. In fact, I'd say it was 50% our age. Anyway, it was a blast, and we even had a "celebrity" spotting. At intermission, we went out to procure a soda, and there stood Travis, runner up from season 2! Pretty sweet. So we go back to our seats, watch the rest of the show. We're coming out at the end, and we hear screaming and see flashes. We're all, who could it be? Maybe it's Neil?! But no, it was Travis, and seriously, it was like Beatlemania in there. I do not exaggerate at all when I say he was mobbed. There was a crowd of women (women! not girls!) RUNNING after him. It was fing hilarious. For our fellow fans:

Unfortunately, my video of psycho pants sitting next to Birgit didn't turn out -- too dark.

Now on to the food...

I love spending Sunday evening in the kitchen. I decided to make soup, basically the soup I made in my squash post from September. This time I used an acorn squash, five red potatoes, and half a pumpkin (Sara, try this -- you may enjoy it more than just the squash soup). I also shredded some parm into it. It was so tasty. Both Brad and I had two bowls. Yum.

Squash mangling update: I peeled my squash! I peeled my squash! The books all say you can do this, but I was beginning to think they were a bunch of liars. I started with the acorn squash -- I cut it in half vertically, then went at the shell with a veggie peeler. And it peeled! It really peeled. I figured it was too good to be true to work with the pumpkin, but lo and behold, I cut that in half, too, and I was able to peel away. This is much handier, and yields much more squash for use!

FYI: Michigan squash goes out of season November 30. I can barely even stand to think of it. Squash keeps for two months, I think, so I'll be stocking up, wait! It already is November! Holy crap. I better start stocking up now. I only have three butternut squash and two pumpkins left! Ahhh!

I picked up some Michigan apples this afternoon, so I made dessert, too. A halfassed apple crisp -- just sliced up some apples, poured a little milk over them, sprinkled some brown sugar, and topped them with a few handfuls of some pumpkin granola I had leftover. It's currently baking -- 20 minutes at 350. Time to eat!

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