15 April 2013

Rocky mountain birthday.

Hello to you from my shiny new laptop, that holds more than a two-second charge AND has a cord that doesn't need to be held in place to receive said charge. She truly is a thing of beauty.

Between the jerkface (old) laptop and, yes, being sick, yes, again, well, that's where the time went. I am happy to report, however, that I was healthy enough in between for an awesome trip to visit my Jessica for her birthday in Colorado last month. To celebrate the big day, we dined in the big city at Tomayo (thanks to Birgit for helping us narrow down our selections!) - fancy tacos and delicious cocktails. And a sparkly dessert for the birthday girl.

Jess gives her steak the thumbs up.

Thumbs up to my shrimp and crab enchiladas as well, even though they ruined my shirt.

A great big what what to my birthday girl!

Technically, Jess and I have been through 35 birthdays together (well, 35 in a few months since, you know, I wasn't born when she was born), but I think it's probably been 15 years since we got to spend one together. So this was super duper extra special and I loved every second of it. Especially introducing Jess to amaretto sours.

Thank you sir may I have another?

In other food and travel news, I was also lucky enough to be around for Jessica's family's Greek Easter dinner. Um, yum!!! Mom Laurie was even nice enough to make me my own little vegetarian casserole of pastichio, which was always a favorite of mine but I haven't had in years and years. Forever friends and delicious food (spinach pie, too)? Best Easter ever.

My main man Milo digging on the jello + cottage cheese, um, stuff.... ;)

And finally, just because who doesn't love antique porn... Some antique porn from our visit to Antique Row in downtown Denver.


Does Ringo count as "it"?

Me and my buddy Jack,* lookin' awesome.

Hope all is well with everyone and here's hoping I stay healthy and more around this spring. :)

*Props to any teenager, let alone a boy, that is game for antiquing with his old lady mom and BFF.

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Sara said...

Jack's taller than you!? Holy moly!! Glad you had a great weekend!