17 April 2013

You spin me right round.

I stumbled across this on a friend of a friend's blog, and it is SPOT ON.

It's NOT ok.

Seriously, this is why I don't do woods in the spring, summer, or fall. Winter? I'm ok. Snake season? Hells no.

To keep things nice and random, last month I went on a Saturday family outing with the Smitses to Niles, a small town southeast of us. A little peeking into shops, a little lunch. And a fancy knitting shop. That is TOO. CUTE.

The Red Purl

Even their logo is cute (that's the owner's dog, Purl!) -

This shop was super cozy and cute and the kind of place you could just pull up a chair and hang out and work on some knitting. Too bad it's not in OUR town. Peppered throughout the store were little knit goodies, like this gnome (with a pouch!) and chicken.

We even wound our own yarn!

Kudos to Troy who stuck around for a significant amount of time before he realized, what am I doing? I'm going to the bike store!