23 April 2013

Banana rama.

So, this happened last night.

Rachel put the pimento cheese bug in our brains, so it was simply necessary to make some pimento mac and cheese. And then also have it for lunch today. I originally planned to jazz it up, add some spinach or something, but Brad rightly steered me toward the ole classic way.

And then this happened....

Homemade "ice cream" from a recent Pinterest inspiration. Also inspiring? The FOUR blender apparati we have (I highly appreciate that work keeps rewarding Brad with free small appliances, but can't we request items we need? ha!). Anyway, this is just frozen bananas (note to self: PEEL the bananas before you freeze them! WHAT a mess.), a small spoonful of Greek vanilla yogurt, a splash of skim milk, and...... Baileys! I think I killed the "healthy" quality with the Baileys, but, you know, we can be healthy next time.

1 comment:

Melissa said...

Uh oh I am pretty sure you've just led me into my latest pregnancy craving. Mac and cheese sounds sooooo good right now!