17 March 2013

Pot of gold.

Happy St. Patrick's Day, folks! To celebrate, Hillary invited some of us over for a Irish potluck, and, as expected, it was delicious and fun. I even had my first Guinness (on its own) and my second ever Irish Car Bomb - I made Brad and me mini ones to kick off the celebration. Anyway, my point being, who knew Guinness was so delicious? It is officially my new favorite. Also my favorite are these peeps, who I hope to spend many more St. Patrick's Days with!

For the potluck, I made the cabbage. Sauerkraut, via a jar (I put it in a super cute Pyrex and heated it up!), and creamed cabbage, which I made (and also served in another cute Pyrex). I don't make much cabbage, but I really should - this recipe was super easy and super delicious. Just steamed cabbage, really, mixed with cream and caraway seeds.

Molly brought a cheesy appetizer, Ceile made the potatoes, and Hillary made the corned beef. It smelled darn good but I resisted grabbing a huge hunk and stuffing it in my face... and was mostly satisfied with my slices of veggie corned beef.

And, of course, there was delicious honey cake (Hillary, the cake queen of course).

Brad gives St. Patrick's Day a big thumbs up.

And now I must pass out from food and Guinness happy belly syndrome.

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Melissa said...

Ah glad you had a happy St. Pat's!! Guinness is the best!