17 January 2010

You're the party that makes me feel my age.

Ten years ago, I met some pretty awesome girls. They were 20 and I was newly 22, which made me very worldly and experienced, of course.

This appears to be our first photo together. The girls help me celebrate my college graduation.

I did my best to corrupt their young minds, supplying them with jello-shots when they were just shy of turning 21 (*gasp!*).

I'm kidding, of course... We're all pretty well-behaved girls. Except when we're not.

Party time!

I've been lucky enough to have Meg and Liz in my life for all these years, and I want to wish them a HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY THIRTIETH BIRTHDAY!

Even more adorable at 30 than at 20.

Unfortunately, Meg and Liz live on the other side of the world... Well, ok, Indiana. But it's far enough that I don't get to see them very often. Which is why I was so excited to get to spend their 30th birthday with them this weekend. And, better yet, I got to help SURPRISE them for their 30th birthday (and there's nothing I love more than a surprise, no matter how big or small). You see, there is a third amazing E. sister, who I am also quite lucky to have in my life -- and even closer than the other side of the world. Right down the street, in fact. And she invited me to come help her surprise her sisters. So Friday night, me, Sarah, and her bf Mike headed down to West Lafayette. Let's just say, some squealing ensued when we all snuck in the back door and surprised the girls. It was a super fun moment.

Re-creating the surprise.

After surprising the girls, we promptly took over Meg and Juan's apartment for some slumber party action, hitting the hay to get ready for the big day -- Saturday, the actual 30th birthday. We got up early for some smooth jazz breakfast (Sarah and Liz had somer very interesting lemon ricotta pancakes, which Liz let me taste and I really wish I would have ordered for myself! Why do I not remember how much I love lemon flavored everything?), then hit the town for some pre-party errands. Dinner time came quick because, let's be honest, we're all in our 30s now and it's time to start hitting the early bird specials. The girls wanted Thai for their dinner, and luckily I managed to keep my yuck thoughts to myself (it's not my birthday!) so off to Thai we went. And guess what? It wasn't horrible! First there was this thing:

That would be a basil roll. I ordered it because of the basil, in my head assuming it would be like an egg roll. I was confused at first but very pleasantly surprised. No fried anything here, just light and airy, and basil-y. With a peanut dipping sauce. I don't much enjoy dipping sauces and was worried about Thai because I just don't really like most Asian-type flavors, but I am happy to report there was nary a soy sauce sighting on my plate all night. Not even in my main course, the vegetarian pad Thai.

More peanut sauce... YUM. AND peanuts. Double yum. Nothing offensive here, just light and easy flavors with noodles. Who couldn't like that? I am very happy to report I've spread my food culture wings and maybe, just maybe, I'll let someone talk me into Thai food again.

After dinner, it was back to Meg's for party time!! And cake, of course. (Which Aaron made from scratch -- two thumbs up!)

Make a wish, girls.

My partners in crime.

Love you, girls.

I meant to get a group photo, but, let's just say, everyone enjoys champagne. Who can remember to do such things? But shout outs to Juan and Aaron for hatching the scheme, Sarah and Mike for inviting me along, and Meg and Liz for being such gracious surprise hosts and such awesome friends. Let's all get Thai food again, shall we?

PS I almost forgot! Props also for the delicious Sunday breakfast -- homemade coffee cake a la Aaron and Liz and traditional Colombian arepas and cheesy dough balls a la Juan and Meg. Yum-o!


Alison said...

I don't know Meg and Liz (I know their older sister), but I think it's awesome that I shared a 30th birthday with them. January 16, 1980 was obviously a very special day. Happy Birthday, ladies!

Mrs. Church said...

What an awesome day! I'm glad January 16 brought all of you into the world. :)