25 January 2010

That rock and roll business will never last!

Temporary housewives like music, too! I am stealing fun music game from Jess-er-oo! I was just thinking the other day about how much music I used to listen to, and how much I sought out new music. Perhaps it's a side effect of getting older, but I'm kind of stuck in the same stuff I've liked for a while now, and it makes me happy. I don't get a lot of new stuff -- how OLD does that sound? HA! But I guess when you're 30-ish, 13-year-old girls singing about nonsense just doesn't do it for you anymore. * Insert image of me shaking my cane at youngsters listening to their boom boxes on the corner. *

List 10 musical artists you like, in no specific order (do this before reading the questions below).

1. REM
2. Dave Matthews Band
3. David Gray
4. Ryan Adams
5. Cowboy Mouth
6. Tori Amos
7. Scissor Sisters
8. Counting Crows
9. The Spice Girls
10. The Killers

On to the questions!

1. What was the first song you ever heard by 6? (Tori) Oh goodness... I would have to assume "Crucify" because that's the first track on the Little Earthquakes. I may or may not have had a little (little! ha) crush on a boy who may or may not have been a fan, which of course meant I had to get the album and listen to every second with my little heart going pitter patter... ;)

2. What is your favorite song of 8? (Counting Crows) "Anna Begins." Not very original, this is everyone's favorite CC song, but I flippin love it. And have loved it since I first heard it my sophomore year of high school. I have very distinct memories of driving around town listening to it in my friend's car's tape deck.

3. What kind of impact has 1 had on your life? (REM) OMG, where to even begin. Once upon a time, Sara and I wrote a little letter to our favorite band... and then 20 years later, we actually took a trek across the country to visit their hometown and see them in concert. I get very serious when discussing my REM, and we've had our ins and outs (I'm talking to you, Automatic for the People), but they will always be no. 1 in my heart. SJC and REM TLA.

4. What is your favorite lyric of 5? (Cowboy Mouth) "
Easy to bitch, easy to whine, easy to moan, easy to cry, easy to feel like there ain't nothing in your life. Harder to work, harder to strive, harder to be glad to be alive. But its really worth it if you give it a try." PS Going to see them on 2/5 with Lisa S. Can't wait! It's been YEARS!

5. How many times have you seen 4 live? (Ryan Adams) Three; two great shows, one show that was one of the worst (well, most boring) shows I've ever seen.

6. What is your favorite song by 7? (Scissor Sisters) "Filthy Gorgeous." Never gets old, never fails to make me smile. "You make me feel so nasty!"

7. Is there a song by 3 that makes you sad? (David Gray) "Gathering Dust." Also my favorite David Gray song. Funny that my favorite songs are crazy dance songs... and sad slow songs. Ha! Worth a listen, despite the stupid Into the Wild video (everything else was random dudes playing the song in their bedrooms on their guitars).

8. What is your favorite song by 9? (Spice Girls) It's a tie! Fun vs. ballad. "Stop" (I can still picture Andrew doing the dance moves to this song) and "Viva Forever." I won't torture anyone with a video.

9. When did you first get into 2? (Dave Matthews Band) Freshman year of college, I saw the video for "Too Much" and thought "Hmm, this band that Sara and Matt think is so great isn't bad after all."

10. How did you get into 3? I heard "Babylon" when it was released in the states. Thought, I think I'd like this guy, and downloaded White Ladder illegally from Napster.

11. What is your favorite song by 4? (Ryan Adams) "Come Pick Me Up." Such a sad song, but it's so good it's more of a pick-me-up for me.

12. How many times have seen 9 live? Once. Best evs! Ha ha! The reunion show two winters ago with Lisa S. Thanks for the seats, Quicken Loans!

13. What is a good memory concerning 10? Perhaps not a "good memory," but the Killers will always (for now at least) signify the last day of normal, happy go-lucky adult life before the big layoff. Brad and I saw them at EMU 1/22/09 and it was so much super fun. We were so close, the show was so great -- a perfect "last night" of sorts. :)

14. Is there a song by 8 that makes you sad? (Counting Crows) "Colorblind." I looooooove this song, but it might be the biggest buzzkill ever.

15. What is your favorite song by 1? Also a tie, again one upbeat, one bummer! "Country Feedback" and "I Am Superman." So good. I've listened to these songs over and over and over since I was 13 years old, and I've never tired of either.

(My apologies for the stupid video!)

16. How did you become a fan of 10?
No fun crazy story here. Just heard "Mr. Brightside" on the radio and fell in love. Still one of my favorite songs. And I love watching Brandon Flowers prance around.


Alison said...

I can totally relate with what you said about the Killers signifying the end of your "normal" adult life. I will never forget going to the Killer Flamingos concert in January 2007 to celebrate my 27th birthday. Three days later I found out I was losing my job, which, as you know, set off a chain of events that led to a miserable 18 months. I'm seeing the Flamingos for the first time since then on Saturday of this week...I feel a little anxious about it.

Mrs. Church said...

I remember that night -- didn't realize the significance of it. Good thing we had a good time!

We are "Killer" twins! Ha!

Have a GREAT time this weekend and I am sure the following day will bring only good news. :)