27 January 2010

He hates these cans.

First things first, I must give props to PetSmart. For my fellow pet owners out there, I have handy information. If you happen to go into the store to buy food, perhaps a little distracted, and come home with the wrong stuff, they will let you exchange it. Even if "someone" ripped a little ("little" ha) hole in the side of the bag while I was on the phone confirming exchange policy with Petsmart. The bag is in no way re-sellable. But it was a big ole expensive bag, so I am very grateful they let me exchange the regular food for our fatty pooches' diet food!

Secondly, props to my s-in-law and b-in-law for the super fun Amazon Xmas gift card, which we finally sat down and put to use last week. This week has been like Xmas all over again, with a steady flow of little prezzies arriving (poor George, though, having a heart attack every time the UPS guy drops something at the door). Today's prize was a wire shelved can organizer.

Why yes, that IS our Christmas tree, still up, in the background. Don't judge.

This is important because a) we only have two small cupboards for food and no pantry and b) one of said cupboards has one half shelf and is deep and basically a big black hole of cans.

Black hole of Calcutta.
(Note, I found at least 10 expired cans in there.)

Let there be light!

Overall review: I'd give it a B-. It certainly helps, and it allows me to better see smaller items, like my artichokes, tomato paste, and canned salmon that often go forgotten. But given the shape of my cupboard, it doesn't totally solve the problem. But it helps, and it gave me an excuse to organize and re-arrange, so points for that, too. Next, up, the dreaded other food cupboard. * Eeep! * Oh, and I cleaned the house today, too. Woo! "This house is clean!"


Sara said...

I bought an expandable shelf thing for our overhead massive baking cupboard. It's still sitting out on the counter... I buy stuff to organize with but the organization itself is slow! Good work!!

Mrs. Church said...

ha ha get to work slacker. Not like you have anything else going on. ;)