08 January 2010

Snow day.

We have two pooches that are total wusses. When the ground is wet, they tippy-toe around so their feet don't have to touch the ground. But yet, they love to play in the snow. Such complicated souls these two are. So to celebrate yesterday's snowfall, the three of us tromped out to play in the snow on the deck, taking with us Georgie's new squeaky bone from Grandma S.

Squeak squeak! I love things that squeak!

I love to smile, too!

I don't want to smile. Hmph. FINE! I will.

We like to peek.

Oh shut it, Heidi.

I so happy.

Snow beards!

And what's the best way to follow up a romp in the snow? Why, a hot bath, of course!

Stay warm, everyone!

1 comment:

Me said...

Very cute! But that white shit is GROSS!