13 January 2010

Babies in hats.

After Jess taught me to knit, my first few projects were mini hats for all the babies my friends were having this past spring and summer. And now that they're all a little bigger, and the weather's a little (a lot) colder, I'm getting to see my handiwork in action. It makes me feel all smooshy.

I got to take this one myself. We saw little Cutie Owen over the weekend and he modeled his hat for me (this is the FIRST thing I ever knitted). He has such a little personality!

Baby Ella Jane is my international baby model, peeking out from all her snugglies to sport her little pink hat. I haven't had the pleasure of meeting this cutie yet, but I'm counting down the months (three!) until I get to give her a big hug in person.

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