23 August 2009


I like white bread. I don't like wheat bread. You will never change my mind. Wheat bread is gross. BUT I have found a white bread that is not fantastic at all. And, unfortunately, it's a Trader Joe's bread.

We are constantly running out of bread, so last week I planned ahead and picked up THREE (maybe even four!) loaves of TJ's organic white bread. Left one out, threw the rest in the freezer.


It almost tastes sweet (so maybe it would be ok for a pb&j) -- which does NOT mix with my current favorite sandwich of avocado (a whole one! yeah, you heard me), mushrooms, cheddar, sprouts, cucumber, and tomato. I've been avoiding it most of the week, opting for bagel sandwiches instead, but we had bagels for breakfast today so I couldn't very well have a bagel sandwich, too, right? Yuck. The taste is still stuck in my mouth.

Don't buy that bread.

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