18 August 2009

ABC easy as 123.

It's been a weird summer. I've admittedly been pretty unmotivated, wasn't eating great, and ultimately just haven't felt that well most days. Things culminated recently and I had kind of a scary week. I eventually ended up at the doctor, then at the pharmacy getting a hodge podge of drugs and accoutrement. At the pharmacy, there were mixups, misunderstandings, and me in a bit (ok a lot) of a tizzy -- but those ladies hung in with me, took care of business, and ultimately got everything taken care for me, including researching and making phone calls on my behalf. I can't tell you how big of a difference little things make in a panic moment like that. I love those ladies, and I appreciate their patience and understanding. This is brought to mind because I just came home from another trip to the pharmacy, just picking up a monthly refill. I had to laugh when the pharmacy lady (it's always the same two ladies) found my scrip and then kept looking for more. :) "I just wanted to be sure." She remembered me, my bag o' ungoodies, and asked how I was feeling, noting that I was actually smiling today. And I could honestly respond... I feel better than I have in months.

(If you need drugs, go to the Waters Rd. Target pharmacy! The lovely ladies!)

Brad's been on me for months to this that and the other. And I must give credit where credit is due, he was right. About all of it. And I finally just didn't have a choice. Among other pharmaceutical changes, I haven't eaten meat in almost a month, I have had just two mini sodas in probably three weeks, I've eaten at least an apple a day, I've been eating as many veggies as I can, I eat a healthy breakfast, and while I've only made time for one long walk on my own, I've been joining Brad every night when he walks the dogs. I've also been drinking water nonstop, so I've been joining Brad in constant bathroom rotations. I don't know if it's coincidence, or if I've really shaped up, but I feel good. Which makes me less cranky, which makes Brad happy. So I think we're a happy little pair right now!

So getting back to that whole eating thing...

Rachel and I had a meeting tonight at Arbor Brewing Company, so Brad decided to come meet me afterward so we could finally try out their new menu. We haven't eaten there since college probably, and we didn't have great memories. But they recently revamped the menu, focusing on local and organic ingredients. Intriguing. The menu isn't endless, but the items all sound tasty, the monthly specials in particular. During our meeting, Rachel ordered the special vegetable and tortellini salad. Local made tortellini and veggies, and each bite looked delicious (and Rachel said it was as tasty as it looked). There was also a yummy sounding veggie ravioli on the specials menu, but we've had pasta the past few nights so I decided to take a pass. I ended up ordering the nachos off the regular menu and Brad went with the Cajun chicken burrito.

We both were pleasantly surprised. In fact, I think we both loved our meals. My nachos looked so beautiful, I really wish I had a picture. Dang! These were definitely classy nachos. I'm all for a good greasy bar nacho, but tonight I was very excited for my classy, not-at-all greasy nachos. The beans were nice and spicy, and all the toppings were actually spread out over all the chips (not just a giant clump of cheese on the top five chips). Brad gobbled up his burrito and soothed his fire mouth with an ABC beer he also seemed pleasantly surprised about. We were totally stuffed, so I am sad to say we did not order the monthly dessert special -- chocolate berry crepes. Mmmmmmm. But man. Boo! Anyway, two thumbs up on the new(ish) ABC. Looking forward to going back again and trying more.


Sara said...

Now I'm craving nachos before bed. If you ever go to Charlotte, NC, check with me first because I had the best ever jerk chicken nachos with papaya (I think) salsa. That is if you're eating meat again. Matt is threatening a post-Food Inc. meat strike too. I told him he needs to eat beans first, then I'm in.

Rachel said...
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Rachel said...

You have one classy nacho, lady. ;) And yay for feeling better!!!

I found a typo. I had to delete and resubmit! Oh the CED (Compulsive Editor Disorder).

Lady Lisa said...

So glad you're feeling better, and finally had some sense knocked into ya. I'm still for humanely raised meats post Food, Inc and all, but know it's probably better for you not to be eating any! Way to go on loading yourself with veggies. :-)