20 August 2009

Spank yer pita.

While I'm in this no-meat phase right now, I'm always trying to think of new things to make for lunch and dinner. I'm also a golf widow on Thursday nights, so I can eat whatever the heck I want for dinner then. On a recent scour-the-shelves trip to Trader Joe's, I happened to notice a frozen spinach pie. I never buy frozen food (other than veggies on occasion), so I was certainly skeptical. But a quick look at the label showed me that this was in fact low fat, at just 4 g a serving (the pie serves 4). Check. Calories? Only around 230 a serving. Check. Sodium... about 18% a serving, but I've certainly seen worse so it didn't totally deter me. Check. I grabbed it. Stuck it in the freezer for a rainy day.

Tonight was finally the night.

Head's up -- it has to cook in the oven, and it takes nearly an hour. Plan ahead.

I'm officially a huge fan now. The phyllo stayed crispy, it was super cheesy -- honestly, it didn't taste much different than most restaurant spinach pie I've eaten. (I also recognize this is super easy to make from scratch, but it's just me... I'm not cookin' a pie just for me.) I was also worried I'd have to eat the whole thing to get my fill, but I ate just about half (2 servings) and I'm stufffffed. And happy. Sigh.

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queen b said...

Lord, that is ALL I want for lunch now.