25 August 2009

Patty's patties.

I had salmon patties LONG before I ever had a piece of salmon (I honestly don't think I had salmon salmon until at least mid- to late college). My mom made salmon patties when I was growing up, and I remember them fondly as a dinnertime favorite (along with goulash that isn't really goulash -- never any leftovers that night!). Interesting side note, while I'll eat a salmon fillet, I far prefer raw, smoked, or cooked-in-a-patty salmon.

Anyway, I've made salmon patties a handful of times over the years, but I was always skeeved out by the layer of mushy bones on top of the salmon in the can. Well, recently I stumbled upon cans of salmon.... NO BONES! I snagged them right up and happened to think of them this the other morning. Sunday officially became salmon patty night.

After a quick trip to Arbor Farms, I started on the sauce first, a lemon dill sauce. I had canola mayo (which ended up working just fine, although I was skeptical), so I mixed 1/2 cup of that with the juice of a lemon and a half. Then I dumped in about a tablespoon of fresh, chopped dill. Mix mix, and in the fridge to cool.

As for the patties, I know there are all sorts of fancy pancy recipes, but I went simple. Two cans of salmon, some chopped onion, 1/2 cup of breadcrumbs, an egg, and some salt and pepper. Mix mix mix. I drizzled in a few drops of lemon juice to moisten the mixture up a little. Then I patted the mixture into six small patties and sprinkled some chopped dill on top. Into the skillet (with a tablespoon or so of oil), just a minute or two on each side.

Simple simple, but super tasty.
I shall add these to the regular repertoire. I also had two patties left over, so the next day I made a bagel sandwich with them and the leftover sauce. Just as delish!


Rachel said...

Oh man. The bones in the can surprise almost made me heave. Not long ago, Don mixed some chives and canned salmon into some cream cheese and made a tasty spread for bagels. Yum. Go Patties!

Rachel said...

Those two events (near-heave and and bagel) were not related, for the record.

Lady Lisa said...

Haha, the bones in the can is pretty gross. We have a pretty regular meal like this (patties) but I use canned tuna instead of salmon. I also go the simple route as well (egg, crumbs, s&p, herbs), but I use cornflake crumbs instead of breadcrumbs. Adds a delightful lighter texture. Delish!

sadie said...

I have some canned salmon from aunt sally still, and mike and i are planning on salmon patties this week too! we serve them as burgers with a dill sauce. so tasty!