23 July 2009

Yeah, I scored.

I discovered, try as hard as I might, that I simply cannot keep things simple. We're having a simple bday bbq here tomorrow.... When we planned it, I said hot dogs. That's it. Hot dogs and beer. Well, yeah. Ha! I haven't gone too crazy--I can't!--but now there are veggies and fruit and breads and chips and dips and pasta oh my... But it's been fun. So I'm certainly not complaining!

I made a trip to the Westside Farmer's Market this afternoon. I love having it so close, even though it's so small. I can typically get anything I need. And that I did. Hooray for fresh veggies and fruits, and maybe even some pie cherries. Maybe. :)

Apparantly these are "transluscent" apples. Hmm. (and apricots mmm)

I also made a quick trip to Target and I was delighted to discover the entire picnic aisle (remember, I wrote about the cuteness a few weeks ago) was 50% off! I got all this loot for <$15! Go check it out before it's all gone! (They also had drink mixes and Izze's in the aisle, also 50% off.)

Up close and cute.

One last find and then it's back to my knitting and So You Think You Can Dance preparation:

This winter when my guts were being real jerkfaces, I was on a desperate search for any type of ginger candy, just as something extra to try and help out. Search as I might, I came up empty handed. Well, today I just happened upon these at Trader Joe's. I snagged them right up. I tried one out earlier this evening, unsure because although I like gingersnaps and gingerale, I hate ginger. It was strong! Super bite, and even kind of peppery. Not unpleasant, not necessarily tasty, but tolerable, and, with a bite and lingering taste like that, I have to assume they have to help in cases of gut unrest (at the very least, will help my queasy when I fly!).

Hooray for day of scores!

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