21 July 2009

Boxes and knots.

Random update time!

Typically we take the dogs out back to go out -- out the back door, down the stairs, to avoid the hill o'death. So it'd been a while since I'd looked closely/noticed at my neighbors' (yes, the crazy generator neighbors) garden. I guess I shouldn't have been THAT surprised to discover the five-foot jungle garden o' weeds. Ugh.

Those are all weeds. Not flowers.

File this under "meant to be." I saw the perfectest shirt at Urban on Friday with Brad. For $5. But it was a little big. And the line was looooong. So I put it back. I thought about it for a few days and decided I had to have it. So I ran into Urban on Sunday (good to know for next year -- they keep the cheap stuff on sale after art fair) and found it.... even in a smaller size. Now tell me, was this shirt not made for ME?

And I'm actually wearing it today in honor of the knots my stupid diseased guts are in.
It's like a mood ring!

PS Was up late last night (said knots!) and finished, with the help of Guru Jess, of course, my latest hat. Two toned!

...it's a little long. :)

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sadie said...

Dude, your knitting skills are getting out of CONTROL! I'm so impressed. Can't wait for stitch club on thursday!