19 July 2009


After three days of volunteering on nonprofit row, it was finally time to hit the art fair. For the first time since high school, I'm sure (scopin' deals at Urban with Jess!). Lisa S. came down for the day, and we headed out around noon to go see us some art.

We started the farthest out, down on South U, so we could work our way back closer to the side of town we parked on. It ended up being perfect. We both agree that that side of town is by far the sketchier side, in general, and you could tell that the more premium booth spaces were elsewhere. But we also discovered the crowds are far more manageable, the art seems a little more eclectic and affordable, and many of the emerging and local artists were there, too. Over pizza at NYPD, we decided to make art fair a yearly tradition, and we'll definitely follow the same path next year. (And props to Lisa for being the perfect art fair partner. We have very similar art-fair-tackling philosophies!)

For my birthday, Brad told me to pick out some art, so I even got to bring some of that culture home with me (thanks, hubby!). And while I suspect that the artists far prefer to sell original paintings or big works of art, little folk like me so do appreciate the ones that make available small prints or even cards so I can take an affordable piece of art home.

One of our favorite booths belonged to an artist who did whimsical and colorful paintings of circus folk, dancers, flowers, tequila bottles with faces, and we both grabbed small prints -- Lisa a dancing can-can girl, me a pair of swirly apples. This pic doesn't nearly do it justice (needs a frame), but I <3 it.

Another of our favorite booths belonged to an artist who painted adorably dark/fantastic characters on wood canvases. We spent a lot of time there, oohing and ahhing over the cute birds, bugs, and, of course, dogs (another of my favorites was a brown bear in a canoe). I snagged two cards and a small print (which the artist so kindly gave me a deal on). I nearly died over the sad bunny.

And finally, the booth I stumbled upon earlier in the week and had been plotting my purchase for days... Wacky and zany (and somewhat creepy) pottery. Does this surprise anyone? :) After much deliberation, I settled on an "I'm gonna barf" spoon rest and a two-faced vase.

"Thank god! I hate that one we have!" - Brad
(ps reason no. 34959540 why I love my hubby)

Happy. (Crazy?)

Sad. (Crazy?)

I really am quite surprised by how much I enjoyed art fair. Is this what happens when you turn 31? You start loving all that you mocked your whole life?! Should be an interesting year.......


Sara said...

Yeah, I went to art fair last year (?) or the year before with my mom and her friends and had a really good time too. It was weird! haha. Love seeing what you picked up!

Rachel said...

Hahaha. "I'm going to barf." I love it!

Stephanie said...

There were ones just like that WERE actually barfing, but I thought the actual pre-gesture was more me. :)

Lady Lisa said...

sad bunny makes me sad. :-(