26 July 2009


I swear I won't post about every single new thing I knit, but for now finishing stuff is still super exciting. AND.... this hat is just too beautiful not to share. I'm totally in love with this yarn -- it's not the "best" yarn (75% acrylic), but it's just lovely.

I also promise I won't bore you with pics of my mug forever. Eventually I'll make something boy for Brad to model! :) I made this with the intention of adding it to my xmas donation stash, but now I'm a little attached. It was very affordable yarn, so I suppose I can always make another if I decide to keep it for myself (and it DOES match my winter coat!).

1 comment:

Sara said...

You have to keep it! Looks super cute on you! You're a knitting goddess right now! Keep showing all the projects - each and every one!