03 July 2009

In da club.

Last night, Sarah, Krissy, Alison, and I held our inaugural stitchin' club (despite Heidi's every attempt to ruin the evening!). There were tasty treats (including some VERY entertaining cookies) and the yarn was flying.

Alison and I are the resident knitters, and purling is her specialty -- exactly the help I needed! Thanks, Alison, for finally making sense of that stitch for me. :) Sarah is the crochet expert, and in just a few short minutes had Krissy crocheting away, too.

As the first official motion of the club, we decided to tackle a Christmas charity project. We'll be stitching a grab bag of goodies (hats, mitts, creatures) for Rachel to pass out to her patients on the cancer ward at UofM hospital. Hope we can bring some smiles!


Lady Lisa said...

Your Holiday project just melts my little heart this morning. I'm so proud of you ladies!

Alison said...

I don't know exactly what is going on with my hair. But I had SO MUCH FUN! Can't wait for the next knitting party!

Rachel said...

You will make them feel very loved and grateful. Just like you make me feel! :D