09 July 2009

That's my Pi.

Despite a raging headache, I forced myself off the couch today because I WAS going to make pie. And let me just say upfront here, I make a dang good pie. No joke. :)

First up, dealing with the dough -- I made it yesterday, and it spent the night in the fridge. It was kind of a pain at first, and I started to panic. Why isn't it rolling out? I'm following Jessica's advice! But eventually it started to give and it rolled out pretty nicely -- for me, at least. I'm not looking for round perfection.

Next up, pie! I found this recipe a few days ago, and since it was easy and I had all the ingredients, I figured it was as good as any.

Get in the oven, pie!

Now... get out of the oven!

Ahh, glorious pie!

Now.... time for a piece!

All for me!

Like I already said, it's super super yummy. Cooking toned down the tart cherries, so it has just the right amount of bite, and Jess was right -- this dough is perfect. Think Brad will notice if I eat the whole pie before he gets home?


Rachel said...

Three words: vodka cherry pie. I've been begging for years!!!! ;)

Krissy said...

cherry pie is my favorite! that looked luscious!!