22 November 2008

Warm and fuzzy.

First things first, mucho thankso to my dear Jessy Poo for the lovely knitted wares that arrived in our mailbox yesterday. As requested, thumbs up all around:

You! Let me! Eat! Your hat! NOW!

Second things second, I heart Nicola's Books. When I went in two weeks ago and got my (signed!) copy of the new Wally Lamb, I grabbed a copy of the November newsletter, which alerted me to a giaganto sale going on this week. A select group of books are 20% off (and it's not all crap -- lots of good stuff like Animal Vegetable Miracle, The Thirteenth Tale, a handful of children's books, dog photo books...), and everything else in the store is 10% off, including cards and gifts. Today I finally made it over there and made a killing (support your local shops -- it IS Buy Local First Week!).

A copy of the new Wally for my mom, 1001 Foods You Must Taste Before You Die (for me!), a box of Christmas cards, and a few other various Xmas and bday gifts. Because I'm now a member of their book club (everything you buy counts toward free stuff), I received a free book based on how much I spent. I had my choice between fiction and non, so I chose non. After shopping, I ran next door to Barry Bagel's (yes, that's what the sign says and it annoys me EVERY time [they also had a sign inside that said "Pumpkin Bagels: There here." eeeeee!]) to grab some breakfast. Came home, sat down with my bagel and diet coke, and opened up my free gift. What luck -- it's a food book: It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time, a memoir by a food writer and restaurant critic. It's like they knew I was coming. Thanks, Nicola!

PS The sale is going on through tomorrow, so run on over if you get a chance!


jesmr said...

Ha! Lookin' good. The hat that was too big on me, fits Brad! Sweet!

Sara said...

Nice work Jess! Very cute. And yeah for books! :)