10 November 2008

Deconstructing growing hope.

Last Saturday our fearless leader Rachel led the way to an awesome demo/organization project for Growing Hope, an alternative spring break of sorts for hers and Jason Rhoades' bdays. I know my explanation won't do it justice, so check out the org's website because it is a pretty damn awesome place. Anyway, long story short, GH recently bought an old farmhouse to renovate and use for its offices (and land to grow lots of goodies on!). The house isn't in the best of shape, which is where we came in. A group of us organized the crazy messy garage, while the majority of peeps scraped, peeled, scooped, and demoed various spaces in the house.

Rachel, you are truly amazing. I don't know if there's anyone else in the world that works three jobs, plays organized sports three times a week, volunteers weekly, and STILL has the energy and heart to organize a manual labor day for her birthday party.

Workin through the pain!

My dear, I will gladly get up at 7 am for you anytime. It really was an inspiring day, and I hope it wasn't the last time I get to share my mad skillz with the awesome GH peeps.

Navigating the attic.

Making stuff nice and neat.


Rachel said...

I could never do any of it without you. And I never will!!!! Thank you so much for always being an exuberant supporter of all my wily antics. Mwah! XOXO!

Stephanie said...

willy wiggins? ; )


Rachel said...

Hahahaha. You cool man? Like how? Ok....


Sara said...

This looks very fun! Happy late birthday Rachel!