14 November 2008

Tastes like chicken.

I read last week that Chef Brandon Johns was rolling out another new menu, so last night Brad and I decided to hit Vinology for a yummy dinner before he headed out to Florida for the weekend. I wasn't super hungry so I didn't order much (you KNOW I really don't feel well if I'm not pigging out), but I wanted to post a quick note about the yummy items I did get. After watching Rachel enjoy the beet and goat cheese salad last week, I couldn't resist it on my own, even knowing I not like beets. Well, turns out I do like them! And the salad was delish. I followed it up with the fried chicken and mashed potatoes small plate. It was definitely a small plate, but it was perfect for me last night. And I giggled in delight over how good it was. You simply MUST try it. Our bartender told us he's had it something like 10 days in a row.

Now that I can officially drink again, I ordered myself up the pom pom martini. Let's just say that going nearly two months without alcohol, well, I was a little loopy eyed. Did I really need that ice wine martini next? Probably not. But I've been wanting to re-try ice wine since our wine tour, and you can't get it by the glass. I figured this was second best, and it's Vinology's "signature" martini. It was ok.... I had a hard time reconciling how it looked (pink martini) with how it tasted (wine with grape puree). I don't know that I'd order it again, but I'm glad I tested it out.

Ladies: I don't know how long the sale is for, but if you need a coat, nearly all the winter coats are 50% off at Kohls! I have a hard time finding winter coats (silly narrow shoulders!), so you can imagine my dismay at having to toss my most perfect winter coat last year (there was a puke incident). I've been dreading having to really shop for one this year, but luckily Kohl's totally came through. I actually even found a FEW I liked -- imagine that, having to decide between coats! :) Here's the lovely lady... (and you can't tell well, but it has a "shawl" collar, which is actually totally cute.)

Now I just need to get around to sewing some sort of fuzzy material around the neckline. Wool. Ugh!......

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Lady Lisa said...

ooooh, she IS totally cute! And Hello, good idea buying a new coat before all the 23 degree weather we're having this week. Between you and Kristal, looks like I need to start eating a lot more beet & goat cheese salads. And we need to hit drinks & dinner for Twilight this weekend!