13 November 2008

And things of that nature.

A few weeks ago, I got a promotional postcard for Wine Etc. in Scio Township down Zeeb Road. I'd never heard of it, BUT the card was advertising an anniversary sale, where everything in the store (except liquor, which is already at lowest-allowed state cost or some craziness) would be 15% off. Score! I finally had my chance today at lunch, so off I went to check it out.

The store is in the Scio Town Center (across from the Zeeb Road Meijer) and is actually RIGHT next door to the Kitchen Port -- which I very much barely managed to avoid... Must... resist... kitchen... ware... Anyway, in I went. It was definitely smaller than I expected, but it was cute, had an interesting selection, and the dude (owner?) was super nice. First things first, I had him show me where the Michigan wine was. Not a ton (they have more at Plum Market), BUT... they had a trio of L. Mawby products, and I squealed in delight. Not ONLY did they have Sex, they also had Fizz! (The third was a brut. Yuck.) I grabbed a bottle of each for my stash. They carried some bottles from wineries we didn't visit, as well as some dessert wines from Black Star Farms. I haven't been able to find the Gewurztraminer I loved, so I grabbed one from Chateau Grand Traverse. Right next to the Michigan wines I spotted a late autumn Riesling from Ontario, so I grabbed that, too. When did I turn into a white wine drinker? Sheesh! Ha! Anyway, lastly, and more white wine, I grabbed a bottle of Moscato d'Asti, my new favoritest wine -- thanks to Melissa S. for turning me on to it! I also picked up a small iron wine rack because, hey, it was on sale.

When I was checking out, I was gushing about L. Mawby again and the (I assume) owner told me a funny story -- apparently each wine label has to be submitted and approved by the state. I guess when "he" (not sure who "he" is... Is L. Mawby a real guy?) started selling wine, the state kept denying all of his labels. So finally he submitted Sex as a joke... and they approved it! So that is how Sex came to be, well, Sex. Mmm.

If you're in the area... Pop in! Support your local mini wine shop! :)


Rachel said...

Ahhhh. Things of that nature. Hahaha. Nerd. ;)

Alison said...

My parents live right by there and I've always been curious about that place -- the one time we tried to go, it was closed. I'll have to check it out!