30 June 2013

Surfin bird.

If you drove by our house this week and didn't look closely, you may have thought there was a rabid monkey on the loose in our house.... Welcome to our house "renovation."

Luckily, we only have two more days of this part of the process (two down). Then the paint part of the paint job starts - half a week down, only three and a half left to go! Probably should pick our color here pretty soon....

In case you are concerned, the guys took great care to protect the babies. They've been chirping away all weekend, growing more every day.

In other house news, we had visitors this weekend - my family. Their first summer visit since we've lived here, actually, and the highlight by far was swimming in the huge waves with Jordan Saturday. It wasn't very warm out (maybe 70?) but, to our surprise, the water was actually super warm, despite the very cool spring we've had. The three of us spent a good hour out there bopping around, getting our butts kicked by the surf. Loved this time alone with our little man.

I don't think I've ever seen him smile quite so much. Love it.

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Sara said...

Aw, that looks fun!