18 June 2013

Birdhouse in your soul.

In the ongoing Church Birdhouse Story, we've relocated the bird feeder - the tree (aka giant weed) it was hanging from was starting to get overgrown and hide the feeder. AND the birds were using our entire patio as a porta potty. So, I bought a giant stick and voila!

We moved the poop machines just in time because we got new patio furniture this weekend. I introduce you to... the SUMMERVILLE table (really! no kidding! [and yes, it kills me to misspell my own name like that!]). Obviously, the deal was sealed when we saw the name (and visually, it is PERFECT).

Just in time ALSO because Sunday was Father's Day and it was high time we have a backyard barbecue.

At Brad's request, and with Bob's approval, I made shrimp salad with honey lime dressing and my mock spicy creamed corn. Yum.

Does shrimp served in a Huge Ass Beer cup taste better? Of course!

In general, there was a lot of love floating around this weekend. What ended with my in-laws started with my parents back east, with a little bit of girlfriend love in the middle. First, checkers with my mom, Larry, and Jordan...

Can't believe our little man turns EIGHT, TOMORROW!

Saturday morning I headed into Ann Arbor, where I took my dad out for a celebratory Father's Day/recovery-from-multiple-surgeries/ready-for-at-home-dialysis breakfast - he's been through A LOT since I saw him in March and I'm happy to report he's still smiling. From there, it was off to my hometown for a surprise shower for one of my oldest friends. Her reaction to seeing her best friend in from Chicago, then catching sight of me, was beyond totally worth the trip. So great to see her and celebrate her growing family. And extra love her way for having a sense of humor and knowing me so well. The knife was 100% her idea. <3 p="">

Hi! I'm Chucky. Wanna play?


Rachel said...

8?! Good gravy!!! I forget he's the same as chicken baby. When can you start taking him to HollowWeekends? ;)

Sara said...

I missed this one! You and Jordan are looking so much alike!