05 June 2013

Groovy kind of love.

So I kind of still really like my New Orleans post from last year - it sums up our sentiments on returning to our favorite city in the world quite well.... I don't know that I have anything too earth shattering to add this year, but my love for this city continues to grow. There really is no other place like this in the world. And it is totally worth the trip for the food alone. Although, of course, the city is so much more. But the food is just oh so pretty. And delicious. And truly an experience.

Crawfish croquettes at Borgne. 

Oysters (and fried crab claws - a revelation!) at Felix.
(An awesome lunch; we were turned off by Acme across the street last year - Felix
is the clear winner!)

Two life-changing snappers at GW Fins.

Oh glorious Jazz Brunch at Commander's Palace. Hello lemon ricotta pancakes.

Snack spread at Red Fish Grille. Yes, those are crawfish-stuffed deviled eggs. And...

Award-winning bbq fried oysters. With blue cheese.

Our final meal: po boy's from no 1. rated shop Johnny's.

And beer. Lots and lots of beer.

And then there were the matching outfits. And beer.

It's noisy, dirty, sometimes smelly. But it's full of life, music, food, and happiness. And I love our New Orleans for everything that makes her her.*

*If it looks like we didn't do anything but eat and drink, well, you'd be right. Mostly right. We also exercised, on vacation, which I think makes us kind of New Orleans pros. Eat, drink, nap, run, drink, eat, drink, sleep. What more do you need? 

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Sara said...

Crawfish balls! ;)That's a lot of fish in a lot of different ways!

Now I want to go back to New Orleans for 24 hours by myself and just eat.