12 June 2013

Run Forrest run.

I'm sitting on the porch, hanging out with the bird families, waiting for the Donna D'Ericho storm (Rachel gets it) of the century to roll in. It's super muggy out, so Brad turned on the air. Which makes it TOO cold inside, so I'm milking the porch as late as I can tonight. There's been a strange hour-long low thunder rumble and some sprinkles, but so far, nothing too wild.

What's this about bird families, you ask? I currently have two house finch families living in two of my three ferns, and I kind of love it. They've gotten used to me, so they'll come back to their homes after I've sat here for a while, and it's fun to watch them flit around and cheep and chirp. I think one may have two papas - we run a very progressive front porch here, you know. Anyway, pre-New Orleans, we had one egg-full nest. Post-New Orleans, we've got two sets of babies on the way. I wish they'd hurry up and hatch and grow up and be along their merry way, though, as much as I enjoy them. The house painters will be starting this weekend, and I'm super nervous. If those babies get bothered and any of them don't make it, those fools aren't getting paid!

Mama and Papa watch from a distance.

Back at the nest, Papa keeps a close eye on me.

Progressive nest Papa says, "f this!"

In non-birding news, I met my goal last weekend and ran 3.1 miles, outside, with Hillary (they were all essential components to my goal). Hillary even mapped out a surprise loop for us to run together and, despite being a little sluggish, her energy and encouragement (and her super sweet work-in of the prettiest road in town) got me to the finish line, where Miss Maren awarded me a rainbow certificate.

This run and goal setting and training experience has taught me that I'm stronger than I usually give myself credit for - running is, at least for me, 75% mental. I have a million excuses for talking myself out of running, or running faster, or running farther.... but if I can get out of my head, I actually do ok, I think. AND outside, no less. I've never been a runner before, and the running I did last year when I first did Couch to 5k was on on the treadmill. Running outside is HARD. It is a totally different experience. But I'm so glad I finally tried it and, on some level, conquered it (at least my fear of it). I'm still self-conscious, and avoid unfamiliar roads (lest I run into more people I work with) and wear sunglasses or hats because I feel less exposed--and hills--but I'm to the point where 2 miles? Easy peasy. Three miles is still hard, but I'll get there. I'm sure of it. With all my ladies' encouragement, and my man, too, I know you won't let me give up. Besides, I feel like too much of a badass when I finish a really good run.

And hey, there's the real rain. Whoa, and big scary lightning. See you on the other side of this storm (and back inside!)!


Lady Lisa said...

This running picture is my new favorite. Where in the WORLD did you find it!?

Melissa said...

Hahaha, love the running picture!!

Stephanie said...

Hahaha glad my 1970s jobbers are such a hit! Ha! JoGGers. Stupid autocorrect ;)

troyandhill said...

What would you say if I said the three runners look like Janet, Jack, and Chrissy? Come and knock on my door...

Stephanie said...

....we've been waiting for you..... :) we need a jack tripper to run with us!

Rachel said...

The idea of running in mega-tight jean shorts terrifies my lady business. How that dude packed in there, I'll never know.
But hooray for running and birdies!