08 July 2013

Stephanie scissorhands.

We had a nice long break for the holiday, filled with lots of old friends, beach fun, and summer drinks. And lots of general lazing around.

After days and days of somewhat gluttonous behavior, I decided to hit the kitchen and try out some new kitchen gadgets and some newly pinned recipes, prepping a few meals, and sides, to force us to stay put and eat healthy for the week (or, at least for a few days!). Out came my newly awarded mandoline (thanks, Whirlpool!) and my new and improved immersion blender, and soon the kitchen was an enormous mess.

I was very excited to finally use my new immersion blender, and have it work!! (previous failed attempts = user error)

And even more excited to try out my new mandoline, which I received as a spot award at work for being generally awesome (ha! well, someone thought so enough to at least formally thank me). I sliced a ton of carrots, then some radishes...

The little holder works great with the radishes. Less so with the carrots. So..... I decided to forgo the holder. Went "ok" for a while - note the bandaid, from a mini slip (not pictured, where I sliced the tip of my fingernail off as well). But after slicing the radishes, I felt more confident, so I went back to free-form slicing for more carrots so I could finish up the taco pickles.




I slipped and sliced about half an inch deep into my right index finger, as well as just into my fingernail base (luckily I hit nail, which slowed me down). There is a wound crevasse. Ugh. Just thinking about it again makes my stomach turn. Puppies and kitties, puppies and kitties. Anyway, I was bleedy bleedy for a good hour and am I terrified to remove my band aids today and take a peek today (I've been showering with my bandaged finger wrapped in saran wrap!). Maybe tomorrow. Maybe. I've smacked it a few times today against stuff and it made me very ouch-facey.

Needless to say, I was in no position to make bean patties, so Brad came and helped me finish up that night's dinner. Love that guy.

I'm also pleased to report that I neither barfed nor passed out and was able to fully enjoy my dinner, however tricky it was to maneuver one-handed.

Party with havarti. On my burger.

FYI, the coleslaw was delicious. I've never ever liked coleslaw. Hated it, actually. But lately, I can't get enough. Weird.

On to today, it was finally time to bust out the carrot soup with spicy coconut milk....

This was actually just ok - I blame my decision to use light coconut milk (I know, I know). And it actually tasted better last night warm. It was super filling but light, though, and a perfect dinner with salad (could have used a good roll, too, though). Makes me want to try making gazpacho soon, though! Come on, tomato season! For now, rest.... hunt and peck style typing is zzzzz!

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