01 September 2012

Summer lovin happened so fast.

This could well be the last weekend of "summer." We were invited on a wine tour yesterday, but seeing as how it was supposed to rain the rest of the weekend, Brad and I instead took advantage of our four-day-Whirlpool-holiday Friday off and went to the beach instead. The weather was warm but not outrageous, the water was refreshingly cool, and the waves were large and fun but not scary rip-currenty (re: I totally lost my pants but I didn't get pulled out to sea). Our heavy winds have also created a totally new waterfront, with crazy sandbars beyond deep tide pools. I love our ever-changing landscape here at the beach. I love our beach in general. What did we do in the summer before we lived at the beach? So thankful for our new surroundings - I know I've said it a million times, but we basically live on vacation. How lucky are we? Even when seagulls poo on our umbrella!

Just a couple of beach bums! Until next summer....

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