10 September 2012

What's she gonna look like with a chimney on her.

I took a quick trip to Ann Arbor last week to share a little excitement with someone special... How excited were we?

I'd say pretty excited. 

Congrats to Birgit, who bought her first house last month. So happy for her! How happy?* Happy as a clam!

Clam pie, that is! 

*Birgit has found a house that is so perfectly her, it is truly kismet. I know she'll love being a homeowner and will fit right in in her super adorable neighborhood in Ann Arbor.

Birgit wanted me to try one of Ann Arbor's newest restaurants, Mani Osteria (which, amusingly enough, is in the old consignment shop where Brad's mom sold all of her old furniture when she moved to Florida - I can still picture the glass coffee table in the window!). We are ladies who dine, but not ladies who wait, so we pulled an early bird special, slipping in without a problem at 5:45. And yes, I did order pizza with clams! But first.... A burrata salad with sliced heirloom tomatoes and basil oil. Equally tasty and beautiful. Then onto the pizzas. Aforementioned clam pie for me, which was pretty darn tasty - crunchy (those are fried little niblets of... something... that you see - if you look closely you can see the diced clams among the sprinkles), tangy, and, yes, a little bit fishy. All in one bite, it tasted very similar to fried clams, which, of course, I love.


Birgit got a pizza... with an egg on it! Genius. (I must admit I liked mine a little better, but this was pretty tasty, too. Lots of mushrooms, too. Yum!) All in all, a lovely experience - the restaurant looks lovely, service was lovely, drinks were interesting and fabulous, and the food is surprisingly well-priced. And the company was to die for.

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