20 September 2012

The great pumpkin.

I spy something orange. And round. And delicious. What's that, you ask? Why, it's......


Yesterday, I had forgotten to prep my morning coffee, so I decided to stop at Biggby on my way in for a special treat. To my surprise, they already had pumpkin coffee available! A little splash of skim milk, and my morning was m-a-d-e.

Also on our current radar is Battle Creek's Arcadia Ales' Jaw-Jacker beer. This beer makes me so glad I've started drinking and even liking beer (not all beer, but enough).

I'm bummed that this is just a seasonal beer, but our friends at the Buck (our local burgers and beer place - they have nearly 20 local beers on tap) assure me it'll be available through early winter. Makes it hard to try the 14 other Michigan beers I need to fill out my Beer Tour of Michigan card and win my tshirt!

I sense some pumpkin whoopie pies in my near future......

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Birgles McGee said...

Where is your favorite place to make whoopie, Stephanie?