22 September 2012


I love Pyrex. You know this. It's even getting to the point where I have to start being choosy about what I purchase because I'm running out of room - and I have a lot of the patterns (that I like) already. This makes Pyrex hunting even more exciting because I'm always on the lookout for that rare pattern or shape or combo with lid. Rachel and I often joke that we need to start playing Pyrex bingo because there are a handful of pretty rare patterns and finding them is super exciting. My holy grail would be the Bradford pattern, for obvious reasons.

You can find almost anything online, but that feels like cheating... and isn't nearly as satisfying as spying something in person. Like today...

I had a very lovely meet-me-halfway date with Birgit in Marshall. Despite the torrential rain, we enjoyed a delicious brunch (eggs with salmon and dill on English muffins for me, eggs with potatoes and chorizo for Birgit), cute shops, and, of course, fabulous company. And, and Birgit can attest to this, I did a little happy dance when I not only spotted the allusive dots pattern.... but discovered it at more than half its typical price. I re-created my joy for Brad when I got home -

Earlier this year, when I wasn't actively blogging, I finally found the perfect hutch for storing all my wares (not only is it perfect for me and the house, but Brad even likes it!).

I stumbled upon this beauty over Christmas break at the Great Lakes Antiques Mall in Coloma. Not only was it cheap, it was on sale (20% off). It's not a terribly solid piece (top and bottom aren't connected either), but the shelves aren't sunk in the middle, it doesn't wobble, and it looks pretty flipping sweet, if I do say so myself. And yes, it came that color. It was clearly meant to be part of the Church family.

Take a closer peek at my lovelies...

Dots, of course, need a very prominent position so I can enjoy them daily. Into the kitchen with you, dots.

The little guy is my $5 Treasure Mart special. (Birgit, you are good Pyrex luck!)

All of this Pyrex goodness inspired me to make dinner that would incorporate some of my other pieces - individual pot pies! I pulled out my Cooking Light recipe from probably 2002, but it is for chicken and frozen veggies, so I improvised most of it.

Four small red potatoes, onions, and one full-sized carrot - plus a little pumpkin beer for good measure (and salt, pepper, and sage, too). Saute for a bit, then pour in condensed low-fat cream of mushroom soup and a little less than a can of water, and frozen peas. I let that simmer for 10 minutes or so while I baked the crust - rounds cut from a premade pie crust - and cooked some zucchini (from a co-worker's garden) and tomatoes. Then it was assembly time.

A few crumbles on the bottom first. (The recipe makes three individual pot pies.) Notice, of course, the two bowls on the end are Pyrex sugar bowls. Trying not to make too much of a mess (I failed), you scoop the goo into the three small bowls, then top with your crust.

Fancying it up with cloth napkins!


This is the first time I've made this recipe since going veggie, and it translates perfectly. All the flavor that I remember! I love sage - it just IS fall to me - and I always dump a ton, even though the recipe calls for something ridiculous like a teaspoon. We both liked it so much we split the third pot pie, as well. Couldn't very well let it go to waste, right? 

This recipe gets TWO BRADS!

I already miss the beach, but I AM looking forward to lots more fall dishes, more Pyrex hunting, and hopefully many more half-way day trips with my girl!

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Rachel said...

Gimme some of yer dots!!!!!!!
I am always keeping an eye out for the Bradford for you. Someday, we will find it!