28 August 2012

Words schmords.

The word of the day is.... wordle! I know I've been out of the loop somewhat for a while, but I've never heard of such a thing before today. It's a website where you plop in a bunch of text and it makes a fancy graphic for you (there are actually marketing-type purposes for this, I suppose, but for me, I just think it's fun). So is wordle the end product, or just the name of the website? Who knows. But, apparently, I like the words quiche, eggs, and like....

Text taken from my last post about, obviously, quiche.

That is all. Happy Tuesday!


Birgles McGee said...

Ugh, wordle. We do a lot of wordles and wordle talk at work. I love the end result (i.e. graphic). I loathe the word. It's right up there with moist, pooch, and toenail.

Stephanie said...


Haha at least wordle is better than what I originally thought they were saying in the meeting - wartle! ;)