14 August 2012

California dreaming.


This is Vacation B. Vacation A was a Boston/Cape Cod trip. We were hoping to go the first or second week in October, but there was a maybe something that maybe I'd have to maybe do at work... and I just couldn't commit to anything. And the ferries stop running on October 15. It wasn't looking good. Last week I read a blog post from a Southern California blogger... and she posted amazing, colorful pics from a hotel in Palm Springs. I KNEW I had to go there. Which brings us to Vacation B.

This trip came together pretty quickly (within a day!) - tickets, hotels, dog sitters... And I couldn't be more excited. I would have loved Cap Cod, but I have a certain level of enthusiasm for this trip that I wasn't feeling for Mass. I love colorful! I love retro! I love beach! So many awesome pictures for me to take!

We didn't end up booking the "inspiration hotel" in Palm Springs. On closer inspection (Trip Advisor user photos), it looked like a big frat party. We cross referenced a few sites and decided on the Del Marcos Hotel - a newly remodeled hotel built in 1947. All the furnishings are retro fabulous and authentic, not knockoffs. We booked the Errol Flynn Suite, and we cannot wait to lounge on our private patio and sip cocktails while we look at the amazing view.

For San Diego, we originally thought we'd stay in the city... but looking at hotels, we couldn't resist the beach views and the chance to sleep our patio door open and here the ocean. In the end, we decided on Tower 23, on Mission Beach, or Pacific Beach? I can't remember which it is - but it is close to both. Either way, the moment I saw this photo, it was decided...

We booked a "Surf Pad," so we can relax on our ocean-front patio and watch the sunset while we sip beachy cocktails. AND... the "best" sushi restaurant is just down the street. It was meant to be!

That's as far as we've really gotten in our trip planning, but it's gonna be good. I can feel it.


Sara said...

Love it and that this was kinda spur of the moment!

Stephanie said...

How very unlike me, right? ;) (spur-of-the-moment, that is) Woo!

Lady Lisa said...

Hope you have the best time!

Melissa said...

Have fun! Please promise to expose Brad to dolphins while you're out there :-)