26 August 2012

Quiche Stephanie.

I've professed my love for eggs many a time. However, my guts have somewhat of a love-hate relationship with eggs. This is going to sound totally crazy, but while I can eat a poached or fried egg almost always issue free, I wasn't able to eat scrambled eggs for many, many years (and, by default, any sort of eggy casserole like quiche). I've gotten braver this past year or so, though, while I've been enjoying what will hopefully continue to be a long-term remission. Unless I'm going to be exercising soon after or sitting in the heat at the beach, I don't really think twice about eating scrambled eggs at home (I still don't usually risk it if we're out). I eat them all the time now, actually. But one thing I've remained hesitant about was quiche, even though I knew I would love it (I've not really had much of it). Well, no time like the present... I dove in and made my very first quiche for Saturday dinner, inspired by a recent issue of Cooking Light. I present the zucchini and caramelized onion quiche.

I followed the recipe for the most part, although I didn't feel like bothering with the dry bean step with the crust. I baked it without and it was totally fine. I also had no interest in babysitting onions for an hour, so I didn't actually caramelize them - rather, I sauteed the heck out of them. And added in a handful of mushrooms. For assembly, a layer of onions (and mushrooms), then a layer of sauteed zucchini.

Then I whipped up the egg mixture, which surprisingly only had 3 eggs and 1/4 cup of cheese. I suppose that's what makes it a Cooking Light quiche...

Actually looks kinda gross once you pour in the egg..

The good news is that 35 minutes later, a work of beauty comes out of the oven...

Very rarely does stuff I make, at least the first time, turn out as I expect - in looks or taste. But I was so excited by how this looked that I took like 20 pictures, from all angles. Of course, none do it perfect justice, but these give you the basic idea.

Some carrots for crunch so I didn't run back and eat the whole quiche when I finished my slice...
(Maybe if I had gone back and eaten more quiche I wouldn't have been starving later in the evening and would have better resisted the 2:30 am Taco Bell run, but that's a whole other story.)

Up close quiche.

This is my new favorite recipe. It tasted as good as it looked (hooray) and was actually pretty light - not too heavy on the egg or cheese (again, Cooking Light). Now that I've seen how easy and delicious quiche is (and my tummy handled it just fine!), I see oodles of quiche possibilities in our future. Especially because.... I got Brad to try it! And he liked it! Even with the onion and mushroom. And even for dinner. This makes me so happy. What also makes me happy? I still have a good two or three slices left in the fridge.

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